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Burn Tables

  • Open design allows easy loading and unloading by hand or fork lift, No upper rails to get in the way!
  • Cable Carriers Included, Cables are protected and out of the way to ease the use of overhead cranes or hoist to load and unload material.
  • Ball bearings used throughout allows for smooth operation and long life.
  • Rugged Welded Steel construction for maximum stiffness and accuracy.
  • Z axis travel up to 6inch to ensure ease of loading and unloading material; ensure torch crash avoidance, and plenty of room for thick material.
  • Simplistic Material Grate design allowing end user to replace grate using standard materials, low consumable cost!
  • Machine Computer with software (CAD with image vectoring,CAM, and Machine Software) , everything you need to draw, manipulate, and Cut your parts!
  • Powder Coating on entire table to ensure you table looks great for years to come!
  • Automatic Torch height Control with pierce delay and material sensing, allowing you to cut warped material and save money on Plasma Consumables. Easiest THC to use on the market!
  • Air Pen Engraver Attachment (option) allowing the ability to engrave letters, numbers and designs into the steel before the part is cut. This is done with one process, No stopping of the machine to change tools or placement of material!
  • Tube Notcher Attachment (option) allows the use of table with out interfering with flat plate cutting. It is installed in a way that it allows the use of the length of the table. (On a 5X10 table, you can chuck up a 10' long piece of tube and cut the notch the end!) Make your tube and pipe cutting automated!
  • Oxygen acetylene torch attachment (option) allows for thick plate cutting with no tool change.
  • Converts into a router table for wood and plastics in about 30 min with the optional router attachment.
  • American Made CNC Plasma Tables! American Made CNC Engraving Tables!
  • Have limited shop space? check out the CNC Vertical Table From BunTables.