Nefarious Kustoms was founded on January 1st, 2013 in north Las Vegas by Cam Chin. 
He is the founder and previous owner of Krawltex Motorsports, the premier central Texas off road fabrication and race shop since 2006.
From 2011-2012, Cameron was the Unlimited 4 Wheel Drive Tech Director of the Baja Racing of Texas Series.
He has competed in SCORE, SNORE, BITD, BRT, EDR, TORR, Ultra 4, WEROCK Dirt Riot, MOROC, Rally America Races. 
Cam has also prepped race cars for all of these sanctioning bodies as well as the 2012 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb Race.
He is a one man fab shop with years in the off road and race communities. 
Before Nefarious Kustoms and Krawltex Motorsports, Cameron was the lead tech at Performance Unlimited in Austin, an apprentice at John’s Mustangs of Houston, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at the University of Texas, at Austin.